Saturday, 23 February 2013

Silly Story

One day a gingerbread was staying at the library and he was reading a book called ‘Treasure is Gold’. The gingerbread man said “woo wow I want to find a treasure”.  He said to the lady in the library “where is the treasure?” He looked for it everywhere. The gingerbread said “oh man it is not here” then he stepped on something and he said “woo what’s this?” and he said “oh I hope it is treasure”. After that the gingerbread said “yay it is gold, finally it is real gold”. The gingerbread man said “I will call it the treasure is found then he buried it so no one else would find it.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

e-learning vocaburary

URL -  Address of a website.

Blog - a blog is somewhere on the internet to share your ideas

Post -  share something on to your blog

Comment -  a comment is  were your post  

Wireless -  connecting in something in the internet

Email -  message other people and getting message

Username -  my name on my account

Password - a secret code just for me

Screenshot - taking a picture

Desktop - the main screen on my netbook


1. karengo is kind of seaweed to eat.
2. you have to add water and butter.  
3. add water and butter.
4. put it into the oven for 2 hours   
5. they eat some food with it.  
6. you put hot water  it.
7. then after that  she takes it out off the oven.  
8. then after that they eat it.