Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Maths about me

hi my name is Richie i like doing writing and maths and reading i like maths it it is kind of hard i am trying to reach my goals so that i can go to a good school like secret or Sewyln so that i can learn about new things
 like about bots-wanna or more country like usa.

Friday, 12 February 2016

My Hoilday

On Friday me and my Family we went to the Beach again For a Walk it was kinda fun then i played at the playground there were many Kids at the playground.  but l went to climb that steel Chamber l climbed up there then it was kind of small for the little kids so i decided to hop off because l was a big person then next i took off my sandals then i walk into the water with my bare feet Because it was nice and cold at the water and by way l went to St Heliers Beach there were not many people there but when u go to mission bay there is heaps and heaps of people there are mission bay beach. after that me and my mum walk to St Heliers ice cream Shop  there ice cream were kinda big i had Goody Goody Gum drops and my mum had Cookies and Cream.

Greetings to 2016

Greetings everyone my name is Richie and i'm a year 8 student in room 7.  I had a great experience in room 7, and I also made new friends , next year I am going to college, the college I am going to is called selwyn college, so this year I am aiming to reach my goals, so I can get into the college and also I can become what I want to be.
Thank you