Friday, 18 October 2013


On a lovely day at monday we had to play at morning tea then i heard the bell ring it was time to play squash we line up and  then we saw phil was standing there then he said welcome to squash. then we sat down we watch phil and michael play how to  play and watch. then we watch who is winning. phil got the first score and then on the next round michael won round 2 then on the other one we had to get up and play we were in groups and then we went in to and practice some skills. then after phil said it change over time the skills well the other group was going to the squash wall. then we were learning some skills how to play like how to balance the Ball n we change over to squash. then after we learn how to play squash then michael said start now so then we were starting off with this two people  and then they done it next it was me and ezra was next with the squash wall.

The number one players

1.Nicol david

2. Ramy ashour

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