Friday, 14 June 2013

Swimming Lessons

Last week we had Swimming it was really good fun.  We learnt how to do kicking and breathing.   

We had to touch the metal poles around the corners of the pool with our hands. We learnt how to do gliding by stretching out our hands in front of us, keeping our head down and our legs in a line. We also learnt how to float on our backs by holding on to a board and kicking our feet.

We were happy when Kevin said “you guys have free time for 1 minute”. We got this because we were good. I did diving under the water and I tried my best to do backstroke.

After an awesome swim we were told to get out of the pool. I was cold and shivering I grabbed my towel and headed back to class to get changed. then after we got change in our school uniform.

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  1. Nice Work Richie looks like you understand heaps about your Swimming lessons. Looks like you learnt heaps of good things in the water. Next Time make sure you use capital letters before the begging of the sentence.