Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The pool

The pool is 15 metres long and 1 metre deep.  Our instructors names were Jillian and Kevin.

The pool smells like chlorine because of the germs that go inside the pool and  when somebody  jumps inside the pool the chlorine protects us from it all. The water is nice clean and warm.  

At the end of the pool are some pipes that run water from the pump on the outside of the tent.  It is in a big tent that is called a marquee. There is a machine that goes in the water that helps keep the water warm.

I have really liked having the pool at school.  It is so much fun floating and doing backstroke.

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  1. Hello Richie that was an awesome little piece of writing. I liked the part how you explained how the pool smelled like. Maybe next time you can just write 2 more paragraphs.